In Esta of Koshigaya, the Hanada garden of a Japanese garden, a storied Hisaizu shrine, the woods of a wild bird that are full of nature, etc. are made into a main location site, and the recollections highest by collaboration with studio photography are cut and photographed.

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Esta A digital photographic studio (henceforth our company), The importance has been recognized as an entrepreneur who deals with a user's personal information, and the basic point concerning observance and handling of personal information in law was defined, and while it is the foundations of the active conduct of business of our company to protect personal information, I think that it is the social duty of our company.
Our company enacts the following "privacy policies" in order to strive for the suitable handling of personal information.

Company structure
We perform proper management on the basis of a management representative's directions of handling of a user's personal information.
Our company is related with personal information, and does not collect and use without notice without the consent of the person himself/herself.

Collection and offer of personal information
I will collect a user's information which our company collects in the required range while it aims at performing the mail order in WEB appropriately and specifies the purpose concretely in collection.

Use of personal information
The collected personal information shall not deviate from the collection purpose while using it within limits which obtained the consent of the person himself/herself.
Moreover, I do not do sharing the information collected by a different method from the contents currently indicated by this privacy statement to the third party, and providing.
The collected personal information is used for the following purposes.
- Management of customer data in mail order business
- Commission to the door-to-door delivery entrepreneur in mail order business

Management of personal information
In our company, a user's explicit permission is made for there to be nothing, and personal information [ subtlety specific ] is not collected, used or disclosed.
However, in our company, with law, when an indication is required, or when [ if the indication act is required of the following purpose, ] it can judge rationally, personal information may be accessed and this may be indicated.
(a) In order to accept a legal request, or in order to observe the legal proceeding to the management staffs of our company or our company.
(b) Our company and our relation In order to protect and defend the right or property of a website.
(c) In order it is urgent in order to ensure the individual's of our company, a user, or people's of general others' safety, and to take action.

Accuracy and safety of private information proctection
Since private information proctection is put into practice, we perform the personal-information-protection-law education to an employee.
Moreover, a user's personal information is maintained at the exact and newest state, performs prevention and correction for unlawful access to personal information, loss, destruction, an alteration, disclosure, etc., safely, is accumulated and keeps them on the basis of strict management.

Disclosure of information, correction, deletion
it is an indication about the personal information provided with our company by you when having referred for you about the personal information on an own one and there was change to personal information (for example, address), or when you did not desire this service any longer -- I do correction and updating of, or suspend use.
e-mail, the telephone, and mail addressed to the private-information-proctection person in charge of our company can perform such a proposal.
In addition, when obtaining proposals, such as reference of information, and correction, there is a case where you of a proposal are allowed to check that he is Mr. person himself/herself.
Moreover, when I wish to answer in written form etc. to an indication, correction, and deletion and a postage etc. occur, I will charge a cost price.

The notice about change
Our company is privacy policy and privacy -. In changing a statement, it publishes on a website about this change.
Although our company uses the information according to a privacy statement when information is collected, when using personal information by a different method from what our company described when information was collected at the beginning, it publishes to a website.
In this case, you can choose about whether your information may be used by the method by which our company differed.

Use of Cookie is not carried out about a Cookie web beacon on this website.
Banner advertising and the website linked may be using Cookie by Hitoshi Kougami of advertising accuracy from this website.
However, our company does not do access or control to such Cookie.
On this website, the web beacon is used for the improvement in service, and an access control.
The acquired data is processed as statistical data which cannot specify an individual.
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