In Esta of Koshigaya, the Hanada garden of a Japanese garden, a storied Hisaizu shrine, the woods of a wild bird that are full of nature, etc. are made into a main location site, and the recollections highest by collaboration with studio photography are cut and photographed.

記念写真撮影 動画撮影 写真撮影のエスタのコンセプト 写真ギャラリー 交通アクセス

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The Esta staff takes the track record and pride for 20 years or more as a video man as a cameraman.
Shop name Esta Digital photo studio
Name Crow Studio Inc.
Establishment 3/3/2006
Location Zip 343-0015
7-7-4, Hanata, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama-ken Japan
President Tsuyoshi Koyama
Correspondent bank Mizuho Bank  Yucho Bank
Work content A WEB design, graphic design, interior design, a photography studio, music producing, an event plan, office preparation, server management
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