In Esta of Koshigaya, the Hanada garden of a Japanese garden, a storied Hisaizu shrine, the woods of a wild bird that are full of nature, etc. are made into a main location site, and the recollections highest by collaboration with studio photography are cut and photographed.

記念写真撮影 動画撮影 写真撮影のエスタのコンセプト 写真ギャラリー 交通アクセス

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In Esta Digital Photo Studio, studio photography is mainly performed for the on-location shoot.

Although the regular background and great clothes are also commemoration, he wraps himself in favorite clothes and photography of Three Seasons every season becomes the space different from old photography with a natural smile.

Moreover, the occasional smile is useful by carrying out the on-location shoot of Shichigosan, the visit to a shrine, etc.

Of course, clothes are worn by Esta and there is studio photography.

I am also preparing set photography of a log house for the Esta studio on the outdoors in addition to an indoor studio.

The new form of on-location shoot + studio photography.

I plan one-person one person's concept, and do photography.

Please give me reservation of two week or more before by that.

It is record of growth, even if it will celebrate from a visit to a shrine for 100 days and is not entrance, Shichigosan, etc.

A photography plan is plan implementation about the plan which suited every visitor.

Since it is delivery by data, you can use for various uses.
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